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In addition to development of quality bespoke solutions, Tyeware also develops and supports its own range of products. Our product repertoire targets operational efficiency and compliance for medium to large organisations. For more information about these products, or any of the services that Tyeware provides, please contact us.


tyeFLEET is a web-based business system for the complete management of fleet vehicles within an organisation. The system facilitates the requisition and allocation processes and also tracks full vehicle costs down to individual departments, teams, sites or users. In addition to this, tyeFLEET provides reporting on carbon costs for your fleet. The key functionality of the system includes:

  • Full electronic workflow of internal vehicle requisitions
  • Electronic allocation of vehicles to approved requisitions, and other adhoc bookings.
  • A fully interactive timeline for management of bookings.
  • Automatic vehicle allocation against requisitions.
  • Multiple models of system administration and control including the ability to delegate roles.
  • Full fleet utilisation reporting to identify ineffeciencies.
  • Full fleet cost allocation at multiple levels
  • Full fleet carbon cost reporting at multiple levels
  • Capacity to integrate with existing systems for authentication, HR and finance.
  • Integration with Google Maps for journey planning.
  • Integrated notifications via email and SMS.
  • Sophisticated and customisable reporting.

For more information about tyeFLEET, visit


tyeROLL is a tablet-based electronic roll solution developed by Tyeware which is designed to capture student participation within a classroom and off-campus environment for higher education and VET sectors. It has been designed around the following key principles:

  • Audit compliance
  • Information-rich user experience
  • Robust data integrity and privacy

tyeROLL complies with audit requirements that demand course (or competency) level roll marking per student per class or event. The application records all participation in addition to attendance, highlighting key course-level data for each student on the same elegant roll interface, including current results and enrolment status.

The tyeROLL application integrates timely data from an organisation’s Student Administration System to provide an information-rich user experience. This reduces the need for administrative assistance to be provided to educational delivery personnel for information requests including those for student information, enrolments, academic history and past participation.

Finally, the application has built-in data integrity features to secure data recorded in offline mode and then facilitate wireless synchronisation back to the central tyeROLL server. This “attentive sync” process ensures that device-based data is not lost and that synchronisation does not need to be manually triggered by the user by connecting to a workstation PC. The process has built-in security which incorporates remote device lockdown and purging of sensitive data in response to multiple failed login attempts.

A proof of concept solution has already been completed and is available for demonstration to key partners if desired. Tyeware has also prepared an infromation briefing package to TAFE Queensland about the solution which has been publicly released. This package can be downloaded via the following link:

tyeROLL Introduction v1.0.pdf (3.6Mb)


tyeTAN is an integrated tool for the facilitation of internal product testing and user acceptance testing. Test scenarios are constructed around specific requirements and use cases and non-compliances can be tracked through to resolution. tyeTAN is the ideal tool for your software development team to ensure that work delivered is of the highest possible quality and aligns to agreed requirements.

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