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Telemex Smart Irrigation

A collaboration between Tyeware and Pioneer Valley Water has led to the creation of a brand-new solution for irrigation schemes to manage the entirety of their customer relationship, water demand and water delivery business processes. Telemex Smart Irrigation includes a customer portal to allow irrigators to place, manage and visualise their water orders and a management portal to oversee, moderate and manage customer holdings, allocations and water orders, with a full integration into SCADA to directly control pumps for water delivery.

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Telemex Meter Reading

Streamline your Council’s water meter reading activities with Telemex Meter reading. No need for expensive mobile handhelds, just use your existing Android or iOS devices. And when your mobile reception drops out, Telemex will keep working in offline mode to keep your readers productive.

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Smart Water Metering Consultancy

Tyeware now offers a full consultancy service for water utilities and irrigation authorities, to assist in understanding the technology, preparing a business case and executing a strategy. Download our free whitepaper on Smart Metering technology to get started.

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Aqualus Water - Australia's Own Smart Water Solution

What started as an experiment between Mackay Regional Council and Tyeware and has grown into Australia's most popular software solution for smart water metering management, customer reporting and field operations. Tyeware continues to develop and support the Aqualus Water solution (formally known as MiWater / myH2O) for Taggle Systems, which is now resold internationally by Honeywell.

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