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Telemex is an end-to-end solution for irrigation water schemes and their clients to oversee their demand management and delivery requirements. It includes the full management of water allocations, titles, transfers and changeovers, as well as meter management, scheme management and automated notifications.

The heart of the solution is a customer portal used by water customers to lodge, manage and visualise the impact of water orders which then drives the actual water delivery activities through an integrated process control solution. Telemex builds on Tyeware's expertise and innovation across the Australian water industry, furthering our mission to cultivate water sustainability through customer-centric solutions.

A full overview of the Telemex solution.


Telemex includes a cloud-based CRM and demand management platform as well as customer portal and customer mobile applicationto facilitate water ordering and notifications with water customers. As shown in the following table, Telemex delivers an integrated solution for a water utility to manage its customers, holdings, network restrictions, billing reporting and temporary transfers. From the customer's perspective they receive a clear and secure interface to visualise their current and future orders against their available allocations and the ability to create single or repeating water orders.

Telemex Roadmap
Telemex Product Roadmap

Telemex Network Visualisation

In addition to Telemex's secure and easy-to-use functionality to manage your customer's water allocations and facilitate their water ordering, our latest release in July 2023 will help you to:

  • Identify demand and water delivery across your whole irrigation scheme via an interactive map
  • Drill down into a network to view the network assets and topology
  • Visualise in-progress and future water delivery in real-time
  • Directly manage network delivery rules, adjustments and controls


The solution continues to improve in response to our client needs, with our future roadmap including smart water metering and field operations. Lastly, Tyeware will bring its unparalleled experience in smart water metering into the platform to not only improve operational efficiency of the water network, but to deliver meaningful benefits to customers such as warnings on possible pump faults.

Telemex Conceptual Model
Telemex Conceptual Model

Telemex History

Like many of Tyeware's projects, Telemex began as a three-way partnership between a forward-thinking customer, an experienced technology provider and ourselves. Pioneer Valley Water will be the first Australian water scheme to make use of the Telemex system, integrating with a new, open control system delivered by Logicamms. Later in the project, we received valued testing from key "end user" customers like Julie Ferlazzo from Samari Pty Ltd who used the customer portal to prepare water orders across a number of different water holdings in the scheme.

Telemex Unveiling
Lee Taylor (Logicamms), Richard Faulkner (Pioneer Valley Water), Julie Ferlazzo (Samari Farms) & Steven Tye (Tyeware) at the Telemex product launch in 2021.

Sample Use Cases for Telemex Smart Irrigation:

1.   A utility depends on paper systems or Access databases for its critical data and needs to a better and safer way to manage its customer, holding, allocation, transfer and meter data.

   Telemex SI is a fully functional, secure and scalable customer relationship management system for irrigation water utilities.

2.   A utility is struggling to engage customers to proactively manage their water orders, having to rely on manual phone calls or outdated IVR systems.

   Customers can directly visualise and control their water orders through the Telemex SI customer portal or the new Telemex SI mobile application.

3.   A utility is locked into an outdated process control solution for demand management and control of pump and other flow devices to deliver water to customers.

   Telemex SI is an interoperable demand management system and can give direction to process control systems on demand requirements and pump flow rates through its API layer and other interfaces.

4.   A utility needs a single solution to communicate with its customer base via email, SMSes and push notifications.

   Telemex SI is a fully featured messaging solution, allowing messaging across multiple channels including push notification to individuals, groups or network segments for such things as network interruptions, water order status and general notices.

5.   A water customer with multiple holdings across different network zones needs a central portal to manage all of those holdings, water balances and orders.

   Telemex SI presents a summary view of multiple holdings and titles to a customer user in its customer portal and mobile application, allowing the user to rename each with nicknames in order to identification of each holding.

6.   A water utility wants to shift to a robust, but modern solution with a proved history of excellent support, and development pathway that includes smart metering, field operations and advanced analytics to improve water efficiency, network costs and customer service.

   Tyeware and Telemex Smart Irrigation are Australia‚Äôs leading partner in smart water and IoT solutions.

More Information?

For more information on how the Telemex solution can deliver water savings and efficiencies for your irrigation scheme, including a demonstration of the software in action, please contact us.

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